potholes/cracks on #38th ave (foothill/international)

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at November 13, 2015 - 7:18pm
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narrow road w/heavy speeding traffice, a lot of cars parked on street/driveways/yards, unclearly marked bike lane, potholes & pavement cracks UPDATE 11-15-15: Submitted to Oakland PW, received Service Request Number: 617314. UPDATE 11-20-15: Due to the danger to cyclists, this issue is being submitted to Oakland as a "TOP 10" for immediate attention under an agreement with the Bike East Bay Hazard Elimination program. Resubmitting as other potholes, besides 1535 38th (1725, 1829, 1871) need filling. May have to submit separate reports. UPDATE 2-21-16: Resubmitted 1535, along with the other 3 as a "top 10". UPDATE 3-1-16: Resubmitted 1725, 1829, 1871 as 3 separate requests, per John McCabe's suggestion (one pothole per "claim").

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