East Bay - Embarcadero Temporary Bike/Pedestrian path

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at October 8, 2015 - 12:35pm
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Re. The temporary bike path on Embarcadero between 10th Ave. and 5th Ave. - it does not get cleaned and is strewn with glass and other debris. - the road surface is appalling - the new lane striping at 10th Ave. is very poorly thought out and generally dangerous: Southbound - bikes following the lane lines are suddenly swung from far away from traffic to very close to it, putting them in danger of traffic moving in the same direction. This traffic does not have a stop sign at the intersection and is often moving at high speed. UPDATE 10-8-15: Sent query to Sergio Ruiz at CalTrans asking if this temporary path is their jurisdiction. He's been responsive in the past (still new there!) and hopefully can figure a way to mitigate the hazards of both sweeping and striping, as well as road conditions. UPDATE 10-8-15: Sergio Ruiz at CalTrans says he thinks the responsibility is Oakland. Hence, I submitted to OPW and received Service Request Number: 609795. UPDATE 11-20-15: Marked CLOSED by OPW sweeping division. Presumably swept! Please report back if that's not the case.