More glass on Grizzly Peak- this one is southbound

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at August 15, 2015 - 6:42pm
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Not sure if this is Berkeley, UCB, or Oakland. In the southbound direction the worst of the glass is between centennial and the steam trains. Most of this is near the turnouts/ parking lots where people go to smoke weed. This forces cyclists into the road, where cars go fast and honk at us. I ride this road almost every day and I have never seen it swept or improved- it only gets worse by the day. UPDATE 8-15-15: Reported to Oakland PW (Determined jurisdiction via the GIS site Received Service Request Number: 598971. Combined with report: UPDATE 9-28-15: Having heard nothing back from OPW, I reached out to my go-to (pothole) contact, who is going to bring it to the head of the Bike/Ped department in the hopes of getting some action. UPDATE 10-02-15: This just in from OPW: "I’m told this was done on Wednesday." If this is not correct, please report back! UPDATE 10-02-15: Uploaded pictures on, largely duplicative of this report. Resubmitting to OPW as it's clearly not swept sufficiently. Received SR#612328

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