Grizzly Peak covered with glass

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I am not sure about the jurisdiction- either Oakland, berkeley, or UCB. Grizzly peak is covered with glass- it gets worse each week, and it never gets better. Clearly they do not sweep. In the northbound section the worst part is between Claremont/Fish Ranch and the Steam Trains. There is so much glass that it is impossible to ride in the shoulder, and we are forced into traffic with angry speeding cars. There is also a bunch of rocky debris that has slidden onto the road, but the big problem is the glass. UPDATE 8-15-15: Reported to Oakland PW(Determined jurisdiction via the GIS site Received Service Request Number: 598971. Combined with report: UPDATE 9-28-15: Having heard nothing back from OPW, I reached out to my go-to (pothole) contact, who is going to bring it to the head of the Bike/Ped department in the hopes of getting some action. UPDATE 10-02-15: This just in from OPW: "I’m told this was done on Wednesday." If this is not correct, please report back! UPDATE 10-11-15: According to OPW, SR# 598971 has been "CLOSED" - purportedly the job has been done. Unfortunately, it appears only one direction has been swept - northbound, and only part of the way at that. With more glass appearing since then too, reinforcing the need to sweep regularly. I reported to my Bike/Ped contacts but will inspect personally next week as well. UPDATE 10-14-15: took some pictures of Southbound GPB and it definitely was NOT swept. Resubmitted to OPW. Received SR#612328

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