Vélib in the East Bay?

While East Bay parking kiosks usurp bike parking, over 20,000 Vélib kiosks offer Paris residents sustainable transportation solutions.

[G2:1179 class=right]The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy has chosen Paris for its 2008 Sustainable Transportation Award, primarily due to the Vélib program that flooded Parisian streets with shared bikes on Bastille Day, 2007. The ITDP reported in the Fall 2007 issue of Sustainable Transport Vélib logged one million rides in a little over two weeks. Bogotá (in Spanish) just announced plans for their own version. London's billion dollar bike makeover will also include bike sharing. Shared bikes are spreading across the globe!

The February 2008 issue of The Monthly features an article by Eve Kushner that explores the question, "what could 10,000 shared bikes do for the Bay Area?"

An egalitarian bike rental program can take off in the East Bay according to Gene Oh, owner of Alameda Bicycles and operator of the Fruitvale BikeStation. Whether for spontaneous recreation along the Bay Trail, or to complete a trip on BART or Amtrak California trains, shared bikes make sense.