About The Bikestation!


[G2:351 class=right]Berkeley Bikestation here to tell you about all of the amazing services we offer! The Bikestation is located in the downtown berkeley bart station, just ask a station agent if you can't find it but i assure you will see our huge "WE LOVE BIKES" signs from anywhere in the station.

- Our most popular service is that we offer FREE bike parking! We are open from 7am-9:05pm Monday Through Friday! We also offer free overnight parking for one night, after that it is only $3 a night!

- Need a lock, light or bell? The bikestation has them and at a great price! We as can order special items and have them available for you!

- Broken, sad bicycle? we do repairs, cheaper and faster than most other shops in the area. we can do everything a large shop can from truing wheels to adjusting headsets. We have tune-ups for only $20!

We hope to see you soon, don't let the rain discourage a great ride!

*Berkeley Bikestation*