Tri-City Bike/Ped Meeting (Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland)

Emeryville City Hall, 1333 Park Ave, Council Chambers. (Cross-street: Hollis)


(1 min.) 1. Call to Order

(5 min.) 2. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda

3. Agenda Items:

(20 min.) a. Introductions of Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee/Commission members and staff from Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley and other organizations

(30 min.) b. General Pedestrian and Bicycle Issues facing Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley

(30 min.) c. Specific Pedestrian and Bicycle Issues on borders of Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley

(30 min.) d. Future Collaboration Ideas

(1 min.) 4. Next Emeryville BPAC Meeting – March 3, 2008

(1 min.) 5. Member Comments

(1 min.) 6. Agenda Items for next month

7. Adjournment.

Peter Schultze-Allen
Environmental Analyst
City of Emeryville, Public Works Department
1333 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608