Traffic Calming Contribution in Lower Elmhurst

In Spring 2012, the Lower Elmhurst neighborhood of NCPC 33X got together to address concerns about the look, feel, and safety that residents have in an area much neglected by city decision-makers in Downtown Oakland and even more impacted by large capital projects that don’t benefit their community. They talked with residents and local businesses and came up with a Neighborhood Plan to green the streets, clean up graffiti and stop illegal dumping.

Bike East Bay has joined these efforts by adopting a key component of their Plan, traffic calming, and the goal of eliminating side shows and excess speeding around schools. We are working with NIMBY to design unique traffic circle that will be a reflection of the neighborhood and be built locally in East Oakland. The traffic circles will also be located where adjacent neighbors want them. It’s a bikeway, but it’s a more beautiful street and one safer to bicycle on through an improving neighborhood.

Other Developments in East Oakland:

  1. Coliseum City Plan
  2. Bike Repair/Bike Builds with Scraper Bikes
  3. Bus Rapid Transit