Tree debris in bike lane on San Pablo Dam Road by the reservoir

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at January 11, 2015 - 9:09pm
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This is likely from the recent wind storms. There are quite a bit of branches in the bike lane. If I recall correctly it's mostly by the reservoir... perhaps some by Kennedy Grove. When I road last Saturday it was bad enough to force me out into traffic at times. UPDATE 1-11-15: Submitted to CoCoCo public works (vs. sweeping, since it appears more heavy debris than just sweeping). Asked for confirmation. UPDATE #2, 1-11-15: Steve Kowalewski (PW Dir) did confirm he put his maintenance crew on it. UPDATE #3, 1-15-15: PW Dep't replied: "Our field Supervisor, John Landry, had his crew sweep and remove the debris. Thank you for informing us."