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My baby is a red "beater" bike, a Bridgestone mountain bike frame with tons of customization (and plenty of chipped paint). I put "North Road bend" or classic English 3-speed bike handlebars on it. Its tires were commuter tires (rather than mountain ones or skinny road racer ones). I put a I had a "I'd rather be smashing imperialism" sticker along the down tube, and an "Every dyke is a hero" (custom-made by a Minneapolis anarchist chick) sticker on the headset. It has a rack over the rear tire, with a Vaude pannier attached to it by screws (as v. the pop-on & off design the pannier came with). My helmet and bicycling gloves were in the pannier. Basically I loved this bike like my old dog.

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Stolen from my yard (inside a gated, fenced-in area) in the 1700 block of Francisco Street (a few blocks to the east of the North Berkeley BART station and a few north from Ohlone Park along Hearst).