Bike Walnut Creek Action Alert: 25-year Plan for the West Downtown

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 4:00pm

Where: Walnut Creek City Council, 3rd floor conference room, 1666 North Main Street, Walnut Creek

Bike Walnut Creek Action Alert - You must come to City Hall Tuesday (4/29) to advocate for safe, forward-thinking designs for downtown. 

The City just released its 25-year plan which calls for a bit of paint on the road and not much else. Most roads will gets shared-lane markings (“sharrows”), a few will have bike lanes, and NO protected bike routes (cycletracks). 
This is not their 5 year plan, this is 25 years they are thinking about. Most Bay Area cities already have cycletracks or have them in the planning phase. Why isn’t Walnut Creek even considering them? 
This is your chance to speak up - 4pm in the 3rd floor conference room, Tuesday 4/29. The public comments portion starts at 4:30 and will continue for an hour. You may arrive any time during that period.