Richmond Bikeways Update

In January 2014 Rich City Rides will launch The Richmond Bikeways Campaign, an exciting new project that seeks to increase bicycle riding and ridership amongst Richmond residents, particularly low income residents of color, by creating the infrastructure and opportunities necessary for residents to engage in cycling as an everyday activity in a welcoming, safe, enjoyable and healthy environment.
The Richmond Bikeways Campaign has four focus areas;
  1.  Ridership
  2. Safety
  3. Advocacy
  4. Economic development
In the meantime, the City of Richmond has been busy enacting the Bicycle Master Plan, which was adopted in 2011. Over six miles of new bike lanes have been put it, with most recently Class 2 Bike lanes on Cutting Blvd. With Mayor McLaughlin a proud supporter of Rich City RIDES and the work we’ve been doing to help turn Richmond into the bike-friendly city it should be, we look forward to more positive improvements to city streets. Read more about the Battle for Bikes in a feature by Sara Lafleur Vetter Richmond Confidential here
Meanwhile, we’re lining up a series of themed rides to celebrate the city, highlighting the many different ways to use a bicycles as a choice method of transportation. Not just toys for the weekend, for many bike riding is a way of life. It does more than just keep you healthy, it saves you money, supports local business and makes the entire neighborhood safer. Bicyclists add more ears to the road and eyes on the streets.
The first ride is happening this December: Join us on the 21st for the 2nd Annual Winter Solstice RIDE - more info here
Stay tuned for an assortment of themed rides set to get Richmond healthy, active, involved and interdependent on two wheels.