Decisive Meeting for Tunnel Road Bike Lanes Oct 9 & Oct 17

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Now is our best opportunity to meet with neighbors of Tunnel Road to impress upon them why safe bike lanes on Tunnel Road are so important, and why we fought hard for these bike lanes as mitigation for Caltrans building a 4th bore to the Caldecott Tunnel.

Here is a PDF showing the current watered down bikeway design for Tunnel Road

Tunnel Road Bike Lanes Key Mtg:

Wednesday, October 9
John Muir Elementary School
Claremont & Ashby

If you can’t make this meeting, please attend the Berkeley Transportation Commission Mtg on October 17, 7:00pm at N. Berkeley Sr Ctr. Berkeley has already watered down your bike lanes proposed for Tunnel Road and if some vocal neighbors wedded to on-street car parking get their way, your bike lanes may get eliminated entirely from the project. We can’t let this happen! Please join EBBC on October 8, tell your friends who ride to join us, and let’s build out an essential segment of the regional bikeway network. See you on October 9 and/or October 17.

Contact the City with your support:

Thanks for your help in making Tunnel safe for bicycling.

Tunnel Road Action Page


List of all Berkeley projects funded with $2 million EBBC secured for bike/ped and neighborhood improvements