Broken pavement and low-hanging tree branches.

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at August 4, 2013 - 1:32pm
Status: (other / Priority major)
Case ID:: -10897


The northwest-bound bike lane on Doolittle Drive between Harbor Bay Parkway and Island Drive has broken pavement as well as trees and vegetation that hangs down into the bike lane. I commute this route every week and find the need to steer into the auto lane to avoid these hazards. I reported these problems to the City of Alameda by phone. They called me back and said that CalTrans is responsible for resolving these issues because it is a state road (CA61). One day I encountered three CalTrans engineers who were doing some sort of survey. I asked them if the broken pavement and tree trimming was their responsibility. They said it was the City of Alameda's responsibility. UPDATE 9-26-13: Submitted to Alameda. Received case number is 31969.

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Doolittle Drive