Dublin 1st to Stripe Green Bike Lane-Woohoo!

Dublin has indeed striped the 1st green bike lane in the East Bay, and it’s on Golden Gate Drive, which connects Dublin Blvd with the West Dublin BART Station. It’s part of a ‘complete streets’ project to improve an area in Dublin projected to increase in density and become a more walkable, more bikeable downtown area served by good transit.

The green bike lanes extend for the entire two block stretch of Golden Gate Drive and include some additional treatments that improve both bicycle and pedestrian safety. For example, the bike lanes are dashed thru the intersections, to keep cars and bikes properly positioned as they transition between the two blocks, and the crosswalks are high-visibility ladder style crosswalks with brick pavers for a more people-scale treatment. All of this helps create a street that is about more than just cars, and that’s the goal. Please let us know what you think, send your comments to EBBC Advocacy Director Dave Campbell.

However, these new green bike lanes don’t connect to anything yet. We are pushing for bike lanes on Dublin Blvd, which will connect the new green bike lanes on Golden Gate Dr with San Ramon Rd and Village Parkway and Amador Plaza Rd. You can help by telling Dublin to connect the green bike lanes to new bike lanes on Dublin Blvd.

For more information on green bike lanes, go the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide.

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