Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee Meeting

Bicycle Subcommittee of the City Transportation Commission
November 29, 5-6:30pm
Public Works Department
Transportation Division
1947 Center Street, 3rd Floor "Dawn Redwood” Conference Room

The next Bicycle Subcommittee of the Transportation Commission will meet next Thursday, Nov. 29th, 5 - 6:30 p.m., in the Dawn Redwood Room, 3rd floor, 1947 Center St.

If you arrive after 5:00 you may not be able to get in unless someone else is leaving. The door is locked after 5:00. If you remember, take my cell # 510-407-5240 as a back up in case you need someone to come down to let you in.

Please feel free to invite folks interested in bicycling in Berkeley.

1) Introductions (1 min.)

2) Agenda order approval (1 min.)

3) Review of last meeting. Notes here (please do this ahead of time and bring changes with you to mtg.) (2 min.)

4) Invited Guest: Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Staff Sandra Padilla: hear overview of the program; learn how Bike Subcom and SR2S can work together to encourage bicycling to school. Marcy/Sandra Padilla, TALC staff (25 min.)

5) Update on staffing from Nov. 15th Transportation Commission (TC) mtg.: Marcy/Eric (10min.)

6) Report back on potential sign changes (from stop to all-way yield) at traffic circles on bike boulevards: Phil and Aaron; update from TC mtg., Hamid Mostowfi plan: Marcy/Eric (12 min.)

7) Report back on Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley joint B/PAC mtg. Bryce(?) (12 min.)

8) Shattuck at Woolsey: SR2Transit money access to Ashby BART; what steps can be taken without Bike Planner? (12 min.)

9) Virginia St. traffic controls: Eric (12 min.)

Total: 87 minutes, if we stay within times listed (which is probably unrealistic).