Berkeley Celebrates Grand Opening of Touchdown Plaza

On February 2, Berkeley cut a ribbon on the new touchdown plaza and Dona Spring Animal Shelter at the eastern side of the I-80 Bike/Ped Bridge in West Berkeley. Many people were impressed with both. The new touchdown plaza has an excellent design that is really thoughtful and functional, but was particularly designed first and foremost for bicyclists while allowing cars to enter the new animal shelter through the plaza. We extend our congratulations to the City’s team for such a good design.

Dona Spring was our champion back in the 1990’s to build the bike/ped bridge over I-80 and connect Berkeley to its marina. She was so passionate about the project that she was even able to get conservative Councilmember Betty Olds and fiscally prudent Councilmember Linda Maio to go along with the project. Former Councilmember Olds was in attendance on Feb 2 to help celebrate the new animal shelter and plaza, named after her former colleague. Back when the Bike/Ped Bridge opened in 2002, Betty Olds famously stated that “you don’t get in the way of the Bicycle Coalition.” While we still agree with Ms. Olds, we appreciate that she was really saying you don’t get in the way of the people of Berkeley when they are determined make the City better.

We also heard updates on plans to complete a multiuse pathway around Aquatic Park, as well as in the Brickyard Cove on the west side of the Bridge’s touchdown. EBBC looks forward to helping staff build support for these worthy new projects.

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