Emeryville Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Monday, February 4, 2013 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Join EBBC and many of our members for the monthly meeting of the Emeryville Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Emeryville City Hall, Garden Room ('basement").

I. Roll Call
II. Public Comment for items not on the Agenda
III. Approval of January 7, 2013 BPAC minutes.
IV. Action Items
A. Election of a Committee Chair for Calendar Year 2013 (Schultze-Allen – 10 min.)
B. OBAG Grant List Review (Evans – 20 min.)
C. Star Intersection – SPASS and SRTT (Schultze-Allen – 20 min.)
D. General Plan Amendment Review – ECCL path (Bryant – 15 min.)
E. General Plan Amendment Review – EBI path (Bryant – 15 min.)
F. Bicycle Boulevard Signage Program Review (Schultze-Allen – 20 min.)
V. Information Items
A. Recap – Items from recent Regional Organization, Transportation Committee, City
Council and Planning Commission Meetings (Cassidy – 10 min.)
B. Tracking Table Update (Schultze-Allen – 5 min.)
C. Requested Agenda Items for the Next BPAC meeting (Schultze-Allen – 5 min.)
VI. Staff Comments
VII. Committee Member Comments
VIII. Adjournment