Yes on U, Yes on L, Candidate Questionnaire

Bike East Bay supports the Yes on U and Yes on L efforts. Additionally, check out the candidate questionnaire to learn what 150 of the November candidates are saying about walking, bicycling, and transit. Read below for more.

  • Bike East Bay, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland and Transport Oakland are actively supporting Yes on Measure U in Oakland on November 8 ballot, to fund needed street safety projects and affordable housing.

  • Bike East Bay, Walk Bike Berkeley, Telegraph for People, TransForm, and other safe streets groups are supporting Measure L in Berkeley. Please vote yes on Measure L to provide the funding needed to transform our infrastructure to meet our climate action, resiliency and Vision Zero safety goals.

  • Bike East Bay volunteers and local leaders joined with regional walk-bike-transit advocates to pepper candidates for office with questions about their priorities to improve mobility and increase safety. The results are in. Regionally, 150 candidates responded, many from the East Bay. Check out what your local candidates say about walking, bicycling and transit, and make an informed decision come November 8.