Updates on Bay Bridge & Richmond San Rafael Bridge Bike Access

The closed bike connection from the end of the Bay Bridge bike path over to MaCalla Road on Yerba Buena Island reopens soon. We are told December 31, but are pushing SF officials to get it reopened before start of holiday season. The closure started back in September in order to lay utility pipelines under the bike connection. Now the delay has to do with making sure everything is ADA compliant, which we support. And that isn’t easy on a steep island like YBI. Look for updates soon on this reopening on social media.

Meanwhile, the plot continues to thicken on Richmond San Rafael Bridge, where we are working with Marin Bicycle Coalition and Trails for Richmond Action Committee, and Richmond Mayor Tom Butt’s office to maintain access. The Marin Municipal Water District wants the bike path approach from Point Richmond to the bridge in order to bury its water pipeline. We are pushing back and insisting that MMWD build their pipeline on the southside of the freeway, away from your bike path. This issue remains unresolved. 

In addition, Transportation Authority of Marin still wants to reconvert the bike path on the bridge to a westbound, morning commute lane. Bay Area Council has joined the fight, claiming that teachers need to drive from Contra Costa where they live to schools in Marin where they work, and that companies are struggling to receive deliveries on time. None of this has been documented, and regardless, as we have pointed out, adding a 3rd travel lane to the bridge only moves congestion from Richmond to Marin, shortening no one’s commute. What does solve congestion on the bridge is congestion pricing, and we continue to insist that congestion pricing be implemented before any changes to the bike path. We expect to meet with officials soon to discuss this. Please keep enjoying the Bay Trail path on the bridge and we will keep you posted.