Two Richmond Projects in the work

Nevin Ave is designated as a Bike Boulevard in Master Plan, and soon enough this designation will be reflected on the street.

A $7.7 million construction project is scheduled to break ground this spring, connecting Civic Center Plaza with Richmond BART

The project features the very wide 6’ sharrow markings, and large chevrons that say Bike boulevard.

Phase II of the transit village will shake up the street even more, revamping the curren long ramp down to BART and extending Nevin Avenue through 19th.

For more information, see Richmond Confidential’s coverage of the project

The second active project is based around the Elm Playlot (Pogo Park). Last weekend the city and consultants hosted a “Live Preview” of the proposed changes to the streets around the park, which includes a new traffic circle and bike lanes. The goal of the project is to: 

  1. Slow cars down
  2. Create a network of child and family-friendly streets that encourage people to walk and ride bikes to get to key destinations 

This project is currently in the draft design phase. Stay tuned for more updates.