Plunge Bay Trail Gap Closure


On October 21, the Richmond City Council moved forward with the construction of a Bay Trail section planned along Garrard Blvd by the Natatorium (the Plunge) between Cutting Blvd. and the Ferry Point tunnel.
This $335,000 project will add six-foot wide bike lanes between Cutting Blvd and Richmond Ave while widening the sidewalk along the Plunge to provide an off road Class I trail to be shared by pedestrians and bicyclists. Landscaping, new trees and way-finding signs also are included. 
This is the central hub of the Bay Trail in Richmond as shown on the attached map. Spokes of the trail converge to provide access to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline between Keller Beach and Ferry Point for North Richmond, Iron Triangle & Atchison Village neighborhoods to the north plus neighborhoods to the east ranging from Santa Fe & Coronado to Marina Bay and the Annexes, as well as for residents of Albany, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Emeryville & Oakland.
Construction will most likely begin in November, and will be completed sometime in January. 

Bike East Bay worked with TRAC (Trails for Richmond Action Committee) in supporting the Bay Trail grant app, and we’re thankful to have such dedicated partners leading the effort. 


Washington Elementary School Principal, Lisa Levi stated about the need for this project:
“Several times during the school year our teachers take their students on walking field trips and use the Ferry Point Tunnel and the street next to the Plunge to get their kids to the park. Many of our students have begun to use the Plunge and, of course, many families use the Miller/Knox Regional Park after school and on weekends. As Principal of Washington, I strongly support the City’s application for a Bay Trail grant for closure of Bay Trail gap along Garrard Blvd. between Cutting and the Ferry Point Tunnel. I know you will agree the safety of the children is a top priority.”

TRAC in the news elsewhere: 

On October 22, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission awarded TRAC its 2014 Excellence in Motion Public Service Award for working with many stakeholders in “helping to develop the longest single segment of the Bay Trail, which includes 32 miles completed with 10 more miles planned along the Richmond Bay front”.  Other awardees at the ceremony included the Fourth Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, the Devil’s Slide Tunnel Project & Trail, and Congressman George Miller, so TRAC was in great company. CLICK HERE to view the two-minute video about TRAC produced by MTC and presented during the award ceremony.