More Money, Sooner for Bikeways

Caltrans advanced funding for two previously approved major bike projects in Oakland and awarded new funding to six additional projects in the East Bay–$15 million in advancements and $12 million additional. In Oakland, Bike East Bay specifically asked Oakland DOT to advance funding for a new 14th Street bikeway through Downtown Oakland and the Fruitvale Avenue Gap Closure Project between E.12th Street and the Oakland Estuary. They did and these projects will start sooner by 1-2 years. Around the East Bay, Pittsburg won funding for a new walk bike plan, the Bay Trail along Doolittle Drive will get a nifty boardwalk-style pathway, Concord gets money to build its first protected bike lanes on Grant Street and in Berkeley safer pedestrian crossings are coming to Sacramento Street and the Alameda County Transportation Commission gets money to fund a bike ped bridge as part of a new roundabout project at Gilman Street & I-80.

Here are the projects getting funding





14th Street Protected Bike Lanes

$10,578,000 (advanced to 2018)


Fruitvale Avenue Gap Closure Project

$5,000,000 (advanced to 2017)


A new Walk Bike Plan



Sacramento Street Safe Ped Crossings


Bay Trail in Oakland

Doolittle Drive Pathway Bridge


Alameda CTC

Bike Ped Bridge at Gilman Street



Safe Routes to School on Park Blvd, Fruitvale Ave, and 98th Ave



Downtown Corridor Bikeways


Full list of projects funded in the Bay Area and Statewide