Meet the Richmond Wellness Trail

On April 25, 2017 the City of Richmond approved the Richmond Wellness Trail. The Richmond Wellness Trail (RWT) is a four-mile trail, designed to attract and inspire users to walk and bike around Richmond and integrate health and wellness-oriented activity into their daily lives. It is the result of the Urban Agenda initiative by the National Park Service and connects downtown Richmond (including the Kaiser hospital, BART, Amtrak, and the East Bay Center for Performing Arts) to the Richmond Greenway, the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park, the Richmond Marina, the San Francisco Bay Trail and the future Richmond Ferry service.

This connection is key. Plans for Marina Way South call for protected bike lanes from the Richmond Greenway all the way to the waterfront. From the Richmond Greenway to Wright (just past the 580 overpass), this will take the shape of a two-way protected bike lane – or cycletrack – along the Western side of the road. This design takes advantage of the very low number of driveways and wide street. From Wright to the waterfront, the cycletrack will transition to one-way protected bike lanes on either side of the road. This design will ensure that from start to finish bicyclists and pedestrians get the most positive, safe and fun experience along the Richmond Wellness Trail. 

Read the Full Report and Final Adopted Plan (PDF).

“A project that addresses the health of the community, not just physically – by creating a walking trail; but artistically – through public art projects; socially – by providing opportunities in a variety of neighborhoods; spatially – connecting the downtown to the waterfront; historically – raising awareness about the rich home front history of the city; and generationally – making sure to be inclusive, from youth through seniors, through all phases of the project.”

– Tom Leatherman, General Superintendent