If We Have to Talk About Freeways . . .

Measure BB gives more money for biking, walking and public transit improvements than freeways. Count it – 48% for transit, 11% for biking and walking, and 9% for freeway traffic relief.

Simple truths: freeways move people faster than city streets, and putting fast-movers away from city streets keeps local routes safer. Since (sadly) not every trip can be by bike, our highways need upgrades. Improvements like the I-238 widening, I-880/Washington interchange, I-580/Castro Valley interchanges, and I-880/Broadway-Jackson interchange (scoping phase) have been funded by the current Measure B. Measure BB would continue projects like these, and include the I-80/Ashby and I-80/Gilman interchanges in Berkeley and new carpool/toll lanes on I-680.

These projects, especially the I-880/Broadway-Jackson, I-80/Ashby, and I-80/Gilman interchanges, would increase safe access to the waterfront and trails for cyclists. When designs for these interchanges come up for public review, Bike East Bay will be there to advocate for the most bike-friendly options.