Getting to the Bay Bridge

Bike Path Access

You can get to the bike path from two entrance points, one at Shellmound in Emeryville, right at the entrance to the Ikea shopping center, and one from the corner of Maritime St and Burma Rd. These are both shown on the map below. It is about a 2 mile ride from the Shellmound entrance to the Oakland Span of the Bay Bridge, and about 1.75 miles from Maritime St. Once on the bridge, it’s another 2 miles out over the water, before you have to turn around and come back. Caltrans plans to complete the touchdown to Yerba Buena Island by Summer 2015, after they tear down the old bridge, which is in the way.

Will there be a connection from West Oakland?

Yes, and it’s under design and almost fully funded. There will be a bike-ped viaduct bridge from the intersection of Mandela Parkway and Grand Ave, heading west up over the railroad tracks and touching back down near the Sawtooth Building, which is soon to be converted into a facility for the new Gateway Park planned for the touchdown area of the Oakland Span of the Bay Bridge. This viaduct is shown is blue dashed lines on the above map. Look for a public workshop on this project and all of Gateway Park later this Fall.

Bay Bridge