Connections in Livermore

In early 2018, Livermore was looking to add another car lane to East Jack London Boulevard, partially using Measure BB bike/pedestrian funds. A trail was planned next to the road, but it wasn’t part of this project and would only come years later.
Bike East Bay staff and local leaders weren’t satisfied with the original design, and convinced the Livermore city council to improve it. The on-street bike lane was expanded from 8 feet to 10 feet with buffers, and bike access during construction was maintained, along with other upgrades. This made the bike lane safer, but it was still uncomfortable for some.
The work was not done. Advocates continued to work with the city on the trail design. A buffer between the trail and the road was added, a new bus stop created, and city staff agreed to future improvements at intersections.
Now the bike-friendly trail and on-street bike lanes are complete, providing a continuous path between north Pleasanton and downtown Livermore.