Biking from the East Bay to SF

When will the Bike Path get finished to Treasure Island?

Good question! While the Oakland Span Pathway opened in 2013, it stops short of the island, due to a design that places the new bridge too close to the old bridge. As a result, the old bridge needs to be torn down before the bike path can be completed to the island. A new off ramp at Yerba Buena for bikes and cars also awaits demolition of the old bridge. This delay is estimated to take 2 years. The good news here is that the western end of the old bridge-the part that is in the way of the new bike path-will be torn down first, helping accelerate the completion of the pathway to the island. Bike East Bay fought hard for alternatives to allow immediate bike access to the island, but there were no good options.

And the West Span?

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is ready to release a Project Study Report for the West Span of the Bay Bridge, which will detail various design options for the pathway and the estimated costs. Our initial strategy is to get the Oakland Span Pathway completed to the island as soon as possible. Once the pathway is completed to the island, we expect public support to skyrocket for completing the bike path to San Francisco. We know we have the support of Caltrans staff and the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for finishing the bike path all the way to San Francisco. Your continued support of course is absolutely necessary to make this happen and to give Caltrans and the MTC the support they need to complete the Alexander Zuckermann Bike Path.

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