Bay Bridge Update: What's Next?

  • Gateway Park: there will be a public workshop in October to show the design for Gateway Park, a new public park at the touchdown of the new bridge in Oakland. Gateway Park will include shoreline access to the Bay, low-impact amenities such as seating areas, interpretive info, water fountains and public bathrooms. It will also include a new bike/ped bridge along the Grand Ave corridor connecting to West Oakland at Mandela Parkway. This new bike/ped bridge is funded and will be one of the first projects built in Gateway Park. Sign our petition on this page to keep updated.
  • PSR for West Span: the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is releasing a Project Study Report on the potential West Span Pathway to connect to San Francisco. The Project Study Report will include design options for adding a bike path to the West Span, designs for how the path will touchdown in San Francisco, and cost estimates for all of this. We will provide an update on the West Span after reviewing the Project Study Report.
  • Construction Zone: completion of the final pathway thru the construction zone at the take off of the new bridge is expected to be complete sometime between March-August, 2014. When this happens, the first of two permanent signs will be installed: “Alexander Zuckermann Bicycle-Pedestrian Pathway” right at the takeoff to the new bridge. 
  • Completion to Yerba Buena: the Oakland Span bike path will be completed to Yerba Buena island by Summer 2015. This 2-year delay is necessary because the old bridge is in the way and needs to be removed, “stick-by-stick”, to make way for the last segment of the bike path and for a new off ramp from the freeway, which the bike path will parallel. When this occurs, the bike path will be open 24/7.
  • Yerba Buena Island Pathway: as part of the first phase of new housing development on Treasure Island, a bike/ped path will be constructed around the north side of Yerba Buena Island, connecting the Oakland Span pathway to Treasure Island. There is new ferry service planned for Treasure Island, so you will be able to get to San Francisco by bicycling to Treasure Island and then taking the ferry over to Downtown San Francisco.

What you can do?

  • Join Bike East Bay and be a part of the effort to complete this bike path to San Francisco, and do so ‘in our lifetimes!’
  • Sign the petition on this page in support of completing the bike path on the Bay Bridge
  • Get ready to celebrate in Summer 2015 the touchdown of the bike path onto Yerba Buena Island

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