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Meet Dani Solis: Your New Bike Education Coordinator

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: March 30, 2021

Dani Solis’ housemate calls her an “avid dabbler.” Her mom and grandmother might call her a great cook—improvising in the kitchen while learning her family’s Panamanian recipes. And now you know her as Bike East Bay’s Education Coordinator. 

The Education Coordinator keeps our award-winning bike education program humming: scheduling classes, communicating with attendees and instructors, spreading the word around the East Bay, and more. Dani is really excited to help connect people in this role: particularly to a love of joyful movement. Growing up in San Jose, California, most days Dani would walk an hour along busy roads to school. When she came to Berkeley for college, she says, “I really started noticing how the infrastructure was so different.” That change in infrastructure changed how she saw people interacting with the street. “I see people biking to farmers markets—and biking on streets—which I never thought that I would be doing until my junior year when I bought a bike. I just went on it and it was so much fun!”

Connecting people through engaging virtual events is a skill that Dani brings and is excited to grow. “I think for the future of accessibility, virtual facilitation that is really participatory and engaging is something that’s going to need to be developed…when I was in [Bike East Bay’s] Bike Theft webinar, I really enjoyed that Robert put up these polls so people could give answers…I think it really helps the audience be engaged,” she adds. 

Strike up a conversation with Dani on nearly any topic and her “avid dabbling” shines through. Whether she is partnering with researchers to develop culturally relevant materials in her graphic design work, or building out a business plan to celebrate her identity and the indigenous, Black, and Caribbean roots of the food she grew up with, Dani’s multifaceted interests make her an engaging thought partner, educator, and a great addition to the Bike East Bay team. Welcome Dani!

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