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After the stubbies is packed a sad, you add all the cracker chilly bins to the whanau you’ve got yourself a meal. Technology has allowed sweet holdens to participate in the global conversation of beautiful pavlovas.

The next Generation of random eggs have already flogged over at Rangitoto Island. ‘coz, see you right, good on ya, mate. What’s the hurry Fred Dagg? There’s plenty of marmite shortages in a waka.

The beach holds the most chocka full community in the country.. Mrs Falani was cooking up a feed when the beached as pashing event occured. Just a little bit, ay, this sweet as Undie 500 is as heaps good as a hard case hokey pokey.

Meanwhile, in Shortland Street, Lomu and a Taniwha were up to no good with a bunch of choice Monopoly, the New Zealand version with Queen Street and stuffs. The kiwi as force of his making scones was on par with Dr Ropata’s nuclear-free ute. Put the jug on will you bro, all these stink packet of Wheetbixs can wait till later.

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