Potholes/severe road damage

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at June 21, 2018 - 3:50pm
Status:New (Class III (no special facility) / Priority major)
Case ID:Hazard Reports: 15100-21320


Reporting HORRIBLE street conditions on Whitmore St (both ends of the street) and especially at the intersection of Whitmore St & Glibert Street. I should have reported this immediately - on June 1st around 10 am, a biker hit the pothole and fell off her bike and an ambulance was called (there should be a police/ambulance record of this happening, but I did not get her name since she was immobile). The whole stretch of Whitmore is really bad! UPDATE 6/22/18: Reported to Oakland PW; received Service Request: 735328. Also, changed jurisdiction to Oakland (from Alameda County), and submitted street address as 4500 GIlbert St. Added photo to OPW report as well. UPDATE 6/25/18: Included in Bike East Bay's "Top 10" most dangerous potholes monthly report.

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Residential street
Whitmore Street & Gilbert Street intersection

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