Injured on bike by potholes on 41st Street, Oakland

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at May 24, 2018 - 3:37pm
Status:New (Class II (bike lane) / Priority injured)
Case ID:Hazard Reports: 15100-16052


Injured (broken wrist) in a fall on my bike from hitting a complex of potholes while traveling downhill. Not going fast. In fact braking probably meant this hill was more dangerous as my wheel was locked and no chance of recovery from being caught. Location: Downhill side of 41st Street towards Broadway. The sharrow points right at a chewed up stretch of roadway with pothole and crevasse-type hazards. Road is smoother right next to parked cars, but I had moved away from a car with a driver to avoid being doored. Update 5-25-18: Submitted to Oakland PW; received Service Record #815825.

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41st Street Going west towards Broadway