Pothole in bike lane - 3329 Broadway

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Ian McDonald at May 24, 2018 - 3:01pm
Status:New (other / Priority minor)
Case ID:Hazard Reports: 15100-16051


Pothole in concrete, along busy intersection, in front of 3329 Broadway. Hawthorne & Piedmont all come in at various angles, with traffic merging, trying to get across to Hawthorne from B'way and/or Piedmont. Update 5-28-18: Submitted to OPW, via https://seeclickfix.com/issues/4485794, and also added to "Top 10 dangerous potholes" report for May. Update 7-1-18: Received from OPW: "The City of Oakland Call Center addressed this issue on 07/01/2018, service request #822329." I seem to recall riding over this pothole in the past week or so, and noticing it was still unrepaired. I'll check again and re-open as necessary. Update 8-16-18: Confirmed this pothole is still a hazard, despite OPW closing it. Will reopen on SCF.

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