SB Fremont Blvd. no shoulder/bike lane.

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at May 11, 2017 - 3:33pm
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SB Fremont Blvd. South of Decoto Rd right pass bus stop has no shoulder or bike lane. Too narrow and too many car don't leave enough room for cyclist. NB also has no shoulder but the road is a little wider. UPDATE 5-11-17: Submitted query to Bike East Bay's staff; awaiting feedback from the most knowledgeable person on Fremont issues. UPDATE 5-15-17: From Bike East Bay's staff working most closely with Fremont Boulevard: this was one of the most mentioned streets in the comments of the Bike Master Plan Update's survey. That particular section is slated for some medium-term improvements: (see document, attached as a .png file). There are definitely some immediate safety improvements coming to Fremont Blvd in the short term since it is such a high risk corridor, but the entire project means probably a 5 to 10 year timeline.


SB Fremont Blvd / Decoto Rd
Fremont Blvd south of Decoto Rd., Southbound

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