parking in bike lane with frequent in & out

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at October 28, 2016 - 9:14am
Status:New (Class II (bike lane) / Priority minor)
Case ID:Hazard Reports: 15100-15145


Drop off and pick up for Nystrom elementary school is in the bike lane on Harbor Way northbound, between Cutting and Florida Sudden moves in and out of bike lane when parking temporarily. Bike lane designated and striped while school closed for rebuild. No traffic direction or parent instruction to stay out of bike lane. UPDATE 10-28-16: Richmond's website doesn't have any clear contact info for parking enforcement, and this could also be mitigated by better signage and/or street markings. I suggested those items to the PW director, asking for guidance. UPDATE 11-2-16: PW head jumped on it: "I just sent out work order to add red curbs along the bike lane in front of the Nystrom Elementary School to prohibit parking. I hope this would help and the enforcement officers need it for enforcement too. Thanks for reporting." Let's hope the PD enforces...


Nystrom Elementary School
Harbor Way northbound, between Cutting and Florida