Cars not yielding to bikes at I-80 on-ramp

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at June 29, 2016 - 1:40pm
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As you ride in the eastbound bike lane on Barrett and pass through the intersection at the I-80 on-ramp, westbound cars turning onto the ramp do not yield to bikes. Please consider green paint through this intersection (or added signage) to remind drivers that they need to yield to oncoming bike traffic. A left turn arrow at the traffic signal would be even better. UPDATE 6-29-16: Submitted to CalTrans; Received MSR Ticket Number: 626880. UPDATE 8-17-16: Appears sign will be installed. Message from District MSR Coordinator: "Office of Traffic performed a safety investigation at this intersection. Latest available accident history found the only bike related accident at this location was due to the bicyclist running the red light. Field investigation on 7/28/2016 recommended that a R10-15(L)(modified), TURNING VEHICLES YIELD TO PED/BIKE sign, be installed at the right corner of the onramp facing the left turn traffic from westbound Barrett Ave to better alert motorist yield to pedestrians and bike. Sign order will be issue to have this sign installed."

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