Glass on Grizzly Peak Boulevard

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at June 17, 2016 - 10:01am
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There is an enormous and unusual amount of glass, in multiple places, on Grizzly peak boulevard southbound from near the summit to past the steam trains. My front tire blew out yesterday between South Park Drive and the steam trains, fortunately without causing me to crash. Somebody is going to get hurt. UPDATE 6-18-16: Submitted to Berkeley PW. Received service request number 302229. UPDATE 6-18-16 #2: Submitted to Steve @ CoCoCo PW as Berkeley & EBRPD cite this as their jurisdiction (Thanks Joel!). UPDATE 6-20-16: Lots of back-and-forth with CoCoCo, using Google Maps & coordinates trying to determine whose jurisdiction it is. UPDATE 6-22-16: Jurisdiction bounced back to Berkeley, per analysis from (yet) another agency, this time Alameda County. Back to the original (Berkeley) service request number, 302229.

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