Construction hazards on Monroe in Albany

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Monroe St in Albany has always been a de-facto bicycle blvd, connecting Dartmouth with the Bay Trail and beyond. Unfortunately it has never been particularly well engineered from a bicycle safety perspective. Over the last few weeks, however, this street's safety has declined significantly due to construction on an adjacent lot. Despite considerable bicycle traffic Monroe has no shoulders, stencils or share the road signs, It does have significant gravel, deep potholes, truck and AC Transit bus traffic which tends to treat bicyclists as obstacles rather than as road users with equal rights. On the bright side bike blvds stencils have recently been added to sections of Dartmouth and Jackson a few blocks away, so it would be good to know if these improvements will become contiguous. Either way, Monroe is a significantly dangerous place to bicycle today due to the lack of planning. UPDATE 6-18-15: Submitted to Alameda PW. Included the construction issue, the overall road condition as well as continuation plans for stencils and bike-friendly accommodation. UPDATE 6-20-15: Heard back from Albany PW: "Unfortunately Monroe and San Pablo will continue to be an active area of construction for another year or so with poor surfaces and detours. The ultimate project, however, has a variety of bicycle and pedestrian improvements including a pedestrian activation crossing of San Pablo at Dartmouth, a segment of cycle-track along San Pablo, shared use paths around the development along Codorncices Creek and Village Creek, various types of on-site bike parking, and new AC Transit bus stops on San Pablo and Monroe. We would be happy to provide more details if you are interested."