Bay Trail closure - missing detour route

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at October 24, 2015 - 10:29am
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On Tuesday 10/27 the Richmond Bay trail will be closed for sealing between Central Ave and somewhere around the Marina. This is good except that the park district is not posting or publishing detour directions. As many commute cyclists use this section of the trail and it is a defacto bicycle arterial due to unsafe conditions of most of the alternate routes the closure will present a hazard to those who will need to find a way around it. Cyclists attempting to get to their destination are expected to use Central Ave, San Pablo Ave and other roads with no shoulders, sharrows or bike lanes and with a high volume of often aggressive automobile traffic (who would never themselves encounter a closed arterial with no detour signs). Please notify the EBRPD of this hazardous condition and request they publish at least one safe detour route around the trail closure. UPDATE 10-24-15: Submitted to Richmond PW since they're the responsible party for their portion of the Bay Trail. UPDATE 10-25-15: Sent another email on the 25th with an example of Bay Trail detour routing & user notification (via their website). UPDATE 10-26-15: When I received no response from PW, I called Maintenance, and was referred to engineering. Left another message for Steven, detailing the issues of Bay Trail closure and signage needed.