Olympic and Reliez at Lafayette-Moraga Trail end - asphalt BERM

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I took a spill today. Here are the details: Coming home from a ride in Orinda and following a route I have taken many times, I crashed into that 'horizontal asphalt berm that is directly across the trail's end at the intersection of Olympic Blvd and Reliez Station Road. I believe this is a truly dangerous obstacle! I believe most riders will do as I did on approaching the intersection: look at the traffic making their left turn from Olympic Blvd to Reliez Station Road. Well, the 'berm' is the same color as the road (white paint has long ago faded away) and it obstructs a straight line crossing along side the painted crosswalk. I hit this six inch high berm before I saw it at all. I surely wish the right hand side of this 'little wall' was eighteen inches shorter because then, I could have proceeded onto the road crossing and into the bike lane without steering to either side! UPDATE 10-12-15: Submitted to Lafayette's PW dep't via website, plus called it in. I think they're closed for Columbus Day. Also submitted to EBRPD since this appears to be right at the interface of their trail & Lafayette roadways. UPDATE 10-116-15: From Jim O'Melia: "Thanks for your help via Bike East Bay! BERM IS PAINTED. The orange cones are still out (until paint dries, I guess). It is very easy to see the berm from either side for quite a ways. I sent a 'Thank You' to Tony Coe, the city engineer, and he forwarded my comments to Public Works Supervisor, Mike Moran."