Moraga Road - bike lane hazard(s)

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Long cracks 1-2" in width parallel to direction of travel and located under tree shaded portion of road, making the hazard difficult to see. Hazards are located shortly after the marked pedestrian crosswalk/intersection of Corliss & Moraga, where the road has narrowed and vehicle speed is usually above the posted 35mph. (Good luck with taking the lane to avoid hazards). Slightly further along, there is a reinforced manhole cover access area which has caused the surface of the bike lane to be uneven. There is evidence of patching, but the road surface here is again extremely uneven and hazardous. Approximately 100 yards along the same path, there is significant deterioration of the road surface (at the point where one is opposite the skate park). Fist size chunks of asphalt litter the bike path, which is also cracked and rutted. Here are some examples: UPDATE 6-19-15: Word from both Moraga PW and James is that the potholes and ruts have been filled. Not perfectly smooth, but acceptable.

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