machines blocking bike lane multiple days in a row

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at April 2, 2015 - 1:09pm
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Bike path on Shattuck between 55th and 54th Streets is obstructed by two machines with the name "TEREX CEDARPIDS" on them. There is also some gravel or other debris in the bike lane. I've seen this on my way to/from work for 3 days in a row now (beginning Tuesday March 31 though they may have been there before). UPDATE 4-3-15: Submitted to Oakland PW. Received Service Request Number: 574979. UPDATE 5-13-15: Today I received confirmation from Oakland PW that the issue is "fixed" - hopefully meaning the gravel (etc) has been swept and the machines removed. Please report back if that's not the case.

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