Dangerous large pothole on edge of NW Isabel and Vineyard

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at February 27, 2015 - 11:39am
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There is a dangerously large pothole (erosion of edge of pavement, actually) at the apex of the NW corner of the Isabel (Highway 84) and Vineyard Road intersection. I believe that this is Alameda County jurisdiction, yet it could also be in Pleasanton or Livermore. This hole is extremely dangerous because it is at the point where cyclists have very little room to begin with, and will often be negotiating a turn while moving through a very congested intersection of fast-moving motor vehicles. The presence of gravel only make the situation worse still. Many, many cyclists travel this route, and if one were to ride into this deep pothole they could easily fall directly into the path of a similarly preoccupied motor vehicle. UPDATE 3-1-15: Submitted to Alameda County PW as well as Joshua Pack of Pleasanton (asking the latter to comment on jurisdiction). UPDATE 3-2-15: Turns out this is CalTrans jurisdiction. Jessica in Alameda County submitted a report to CalTrans and received Maintenance Service Request Ticket Number: 590345.

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