‘Iao Needle, a historic and sacred place.
‘Iao Needle park.
View from along the roadside of Hana Highway.
Hana Highway.
Plenty of waterfalls along the Hana Highway.
Starting the climb up the 10,000 foot Haleakala volcano.
Higher up the Haleakala volcano.
At the top, peering down into the crater.
The snow-capped peaks of the “Big Island” can be seen across the ocean from the top of Haleakala.
At the top of a volcano late in the day, and blissfully unaware that moments ago I had locked the keys inside the SAG wagon.


The road ends at the rugged Na Pali coast, where a hiking trail begins (1600x1200 image).
Na Pali coast.
Na Pali coast.
The treacherous Na Pali coast.