San Leandro Community Meeting: Roundabout Design at MacArthur/Superior

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm San Leandro Library

Join Bike Walk San Leandro to show support for a bikable roundabout for the intersection of MacArthur and Superior, near the on-ramp to 580 in San Leandro.

This is currently a confusing and unsafe intersection with 3 times the collision rate compare to intersections with similar traffic volume. The goal of the roundabout is to reduce collision rate at that intersection, shorten wait-time for drivers coming from the side streets, make it safer for all road users, and to beautify that area. However, studies show that roundabouts have mixed results in terms of cyclists safety.

There are currently two possible designs for this intersection. The original roundabout design does not have a bike lane, and has a right-turn slip lane with high speed traffic coming from Westbound I-580 off ramp that is unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians; the newer design has a protected bike lane, and the right-turn slip lane removed. It is safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Please come support the option with a protected bikeway!

While both Mayor Cutter and Councilmember Lopez support protected bike lane for the new roundabout, we need the bicycling community in and around San Leandro to voice our support in this upcoming meeting to make this happen. If you are planning to attend, bring your helmet to show our strength in numbers! If the city is spending 1.2 million on this project, let’s make sure they get it right.

Check out the design options