Oakland Measure DD Coalition Meeting: Lake Merritt/Bay Trail projects

Monday, November 21, 2016 - 7:10pm Lakeside Park Garden Center, 666 Bellevue Ave, Oakland

The Measure DD Community Coalition was formed to establish an ongoing dialogue between the City of Oakland and interested members of the community on how this historic bond measure will be implemented. The group meets every other month and is open to anyone interested in finding out more about the Measure DD Bond implementation.

On the agenda:

  • Project Updates (including Bay Trail, especially Miller Milling and 3 bridge crossings)
  • Series C bond sale (timing, projects, project amounts)
  • Request for DD fiscal overview at next meeting
  • Should the DD Coalition make a report to City Council?
  • DD-Related Projects and Matters:
    • Update on Brooklyn Basin shoreline park design
    • Update on OUSD site
    • Update on Oakland Civic Auditorium project
    • Measure KK infrastructure bond and DD
    • $400,000 Lake Merritt DD Maintenance fund -
      Use of funds for previous & current fiscal years
    • Committee for Lake Merritt izi.travel app tour
    • Homeless encampment update
More about Measure DD here