Oakland Measure DD Coalition Meeting: Lake Merritt/Bay Trail projects

The Measure DD Community Coalition was formed to establish an ongoing dialogue between the City of Oakland and interested members of the community on how this historic bond measure will be implemented. The group meets every other month and is open to anyone interested in finding out more about the Measure DD Bond implementation.

On the agenda:

  • Progress Report of DD Program Manager:
    • Accrued Interest on Measure DD Bond Funds
    • Award to Sailboat House Shoreline Park
    • 10th Street Project
    • Lakeside Green Street/Snow Park
    • New Bellevue/Grand Entryway (at Fairyland) Project
    • Bellevue Avenue thru Lakeside Park Project
    • Bay Trail Projects
    • Other projects in progress
  • Artist Presentation: Lakeside Green Streets/Snow Park Project
  • Presentation: Status and Design of Shoreline Park (9th Ave. Terminal)
  • DD-Related Projects and Matters:
    • E 12th St. Remainder Parcel
    • HJ Kaiser Convention Center (Oakland Auditorium) Rehabilitation
    • BCDC Permitting of Crowley, Livingston, and Embarcadero Cove
    • Status of Negotiations for Trail at Oakland Harbormaster Sites
    • DD Funds re 7th Street Pump Station & Water Quality Upgrade
    • Status of Compensation Request for Warrior Celebration at LM Blvd
    • Inquiry: Status of Lake Merritt $400k Enhanced Maintenance Fund
    • Allocation of Port’s $1.7M Services Agreement Payment re Lake Merritt
    • Update: School District Administration Properties at 10th Street
    • Campsite Removals at Channel btw 10th & 12th Sts.
  • Discussion: Coalition Statement of Purpose
  • Discussion: Coalition Agenda Committee
  • Acknowledgement of Professional Retirement by Jenny Gerard & Naomi Schiff
  • Maintenance and Announcements:
    • Weed Warriors Announcement
    • Channel Tidal Marsh Announcement
    • Other Announcements
More about Measure DD here