Oakland Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission Meeting: Bike Plan Update

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 4 (upstairs)

Oakland’s Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) was established to advise the City Council on programs and projects related to walking and bicycling.

On the agenda:

  • Open Forum/Public Comment: Members of the public may comment on any issue within BPAC’s subject matter jurisdiction. Comments on a scheduled agenda item will be heard with that item. The BPAC’s Open Forum Committee tracks Open Forum issues raised by the public. (See tinyurl.com/Oakland-BPAC-OpenForumTracking.)
  • Bike Plan Update: —Sarah Fine, Project Manager for Let’s Bike Oakland! (the name of Oakland’s bike plan update), will share information about the plan for community engagement and overall project components and timeline. The Plan team is also seeking to identify a committee of BPAC Commissioners to receive regular updates and provide direction on the plan.
  • Bi-Annual Paving and Bikeway Projects Status Update: Jennifer
    Stanley, Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator, will share information on complete streets coordination with the City Council adopted five-year paving prioritization plan and the status of bikeway projects citywide, and take suggestions on which projects should be prioritized for review. She will also share a new online map of bike wayfinding sign projects—a precursor to an upcoming effort to map bikeway striping projects.
  • Infrastructure Committee Report: Robert Prinz with the BPAC’s infrastructure committee (convened in February 2017) will share information on the projects reviewed and feedback given.

Visit the City of Oakland’s BPAC page for complete agenda and attachments.

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