Meet up: Free Ovarian Psycos documentary

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 6:00pm to 9:30pm Patio of Lush Gelato, across from the Piedmont Theater (4184 Piedmont Ave.) Oakland, CA

Do you want to be inspired by a brigade of bad as* womxn of color on bikes? Are you ready to see bikes in use to heal communities physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Feel like meeting like minded people?

Join Bike East Bay board and staff members at the FREE screening of the Ovarian Psycos documentary, put on by the Frameline Film Festival.

Before the film, find us on the patio of Lush Gelato on the corner across from the theatre (4184 Piedmont Avenue) at 6pm.

After the film, join us to discuss how biking is being used for liberation in the Bay Area too. We’ll regroup in the lobby and bring the discussion to a bar or restaurant nearby. Help brainstorm ways we can to act in solidarity.

Portrait of Ovarian Psyco member with fallopian bandana over face.

FB Event Page for the screening and guest appearance.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Official Website of the Ovarian Pyscos

Interview: “Meet the All-Women Bike Crew Running Gentrifiers Out of Town”

Donate to Ovarian Psycos HQ: La Conxa

SHOUT OUTS to local bike groups that lead from within oppressed communities of the East Bay for a more just world:
Hard Knox Bikes  
The Bikery 
Cycles of Change 
Rich City Rides 
Scraper Bikes 
Red Bike and Green 
Changing Gears 
Bikes 4 Life 

Hope to see you there in solidarity! This event and discussion are open to all.